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How to deal with an incompetent boss

Being Incompetent – what does it mean? Identifying incompetence is not always a clear-cut process as this characteristic can present itself in different forms. Incompetence must not be confused with “bad leadership”. The two are close cousins but dissimilar in their nature. For example, a manager can be competent technically but bad at leadership, which […]

Why a competency-based CV may be for you!

A competency-based CV, also referred to as a “Skills” or “Functional” CV, focuses on highlighting your experience and knowledge by organising them into similar categories or groups. This is opposed to a “Traditional CV” that focuses on the chronological order of your work history where you list your skills and tasks under each respective employer. […]

Volunteering: Increasing youth employability in Sub-Saharan Africa [Future Africa Forum]

I was honoured to work with Future Africa Forum, an organization that exists to increase the voice and participation of young African people in policy making, dialogue and implementation. They are a non-partisan convening of young African leaders who dialogue and come up with policies and agenda’s that advance the African continent. I wrote an […]