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Resignation Etiquette: 10 Practical Tips

You have just resigned from your job and the count-down begins. Most employment contracts will require you to serve at least one calendar month’s notice, sometimes more. Your resignation can bring about some awkwardness, especially when everyone officially becomes aware that you are on your way out. Your behaviour during the resignation period is important […]

Balancing your job and your side hustle

I spoke to Capricorn FM about chasing your dream career and passions, while also trying to manage a backup plan. Not everyone’s passion is easy to commercialise, and sometimes we need a steady stream of income in order to survive until our passions can start paying our bills. Listen to the interview below.

How to handle your office romance (professionally).

With the amount of time that we generally spend with our colleagues, it comes as no surprise that love may sometimes blossom in the workplace.  Increasing exposure and familiarity to our fellow coworkers can increase the risk of attraction which may culminate into a relationship. Employers, on the other hand, do not typically promote office […]

How to deal with an incompetent boss

Being Incompetent – what does it mean? Identifying incompetence is not always a clear-cut process as this characteristic can present itself in different forms. Incompetence must not be confused with “bad leadership”. The two are close cousins but dissimilar in their nature. For example, a manager can be competent technically but bad at leadership, which […]

Why a competency-based CV may be for you!

A competency-based CV, also referred to as a “Skills” or “Functional” CV, focuses on highlighting your experience and knowledge by organising them into similar categories or groups. This is opposed to a “Traditional CV” that focuses on the chronological order of your work history where you list your skills and tasks under each respective employer. […]

21 Great Questions you can ask at the end of an interview!

Often, as the interview draws towards a conclusion, candidates are provided with a chance to ask the interviewers some questions. Many people wonder if it is compulsory to use this opportunity and what kind of questions one should have for the potential employer. As a rule, candidates should always have two or three questions at […]