Individuals will spend approximately 90,000 hours of their lifetime in the workplace – and I am passionate about making those hours count.

As a Registered Organisational Psychologist with a special interest in career and professional development, I strive to use leading-edge techniques to understand human behaviour and apply principles of psychology to the world of work. I have worked with individuals at various career stages — from seasoned professionals and university graduates to high school learners. I possess an Honours degree from Rhodes University, South Africa and a Masters in Industrial Psychology from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

I am passionate about developing and sharing career development Thought Leadership. In this regard, I regularly share expert opinions through blog and magazine articles, guest appearances on radio, television and conference panels.


  • Development and execution of numerous Leadership Development Programs for mid-senior level managers at several blue chip companies using psychometric assessments and curating high impact workshops.
  • Development and execution of modules, underpinned by sound theory and frameworks to enable high school learners to make informed career choices in an interactive and fun format.
  • I partnered with Shasha Network, a learning platform, in designing a mentorship program for them.
  • I have been involved in developing and executing conferences geared at preparing graduates for the world of work on a pan-African and global scale.
  • I have developed a free eBook to enable parents to have meaningful career conversations with their teenage children.
  • I have a free eBook for individuals seeking guidance on how to identify and approach a mentor.