8 Tips For The Depressed Job Seeker

The year has come to an end — you are still unemployed. The job search has been grueling and the rejections painful. You did not anticipate to be in the job search trenches this long.  Here are 8 ways to hopefully keep you going;


1. Celebrate the small wins you make along the way. Learn to reward yourself each time you accomplish a small target in your job search.


2. Take some time off job hunting activities to clear your head. Allocate “down time” days where you recuperate and take a break from sending CV’s, writing cover letters and approaching recruiters.


3. Set a challenging goal unrelated to the world of work.  Spend time doing other activities not related to your job search e.g. set some fitness goals or learn an instrument, to give your self a sense of purpose.


4. Avoid negative people (enough said).


5. Connect with other job seekers to share experiences and keep each other motivated.


6. Try new job search techniques, revise your CV and change the format if necessary. A different approach may reinvigorate your hunt.


7. Volunteer your time. It’s a great way to keep busy and build skills.


8. Explore entrepreneurship, perhaps self-employment is your destiny.


Keep going, Don’t give up!