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9 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Career

How do you plan your career during a pandemic and increase your chances of recession-proofing your employment prospects? Particularly when new variables are being introduced to our lives regularly and there is much uncertainty looming ahead? Recessions are often characterised by; fewer vacancies, aggressive competition on the job market, being forced to take survival jobs, […]

Want to switch careers? 10 Tips to follow.

A career switch is when a person moves into a completely different profession. This requires them to apply a set of skills and abilities that are dissimilar or different from their current role. A career switch is not the same as a traditional job change, where an individual will typically move jobs along the lines […]

The Future of Careers – SIOPSA Interview

I had an interview, my industry colleagues, from the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa.We had a great discussion about career development in the new world of work and I provided tips on how individuals can set themselves in the context of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).